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The Bookworm - Omaha, NE

The Bookworm - Omaha, NE

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When I think of The Bookworm in Omaha I will always think of something that sparkles and glitters.  If this bookstore were a person it would be beaming.  Walking into this store is like walking into a showroom.  This place is spacious and airy and it just oozes with a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. My visit here was like opening a Christmas present and now my gift to you, readers, is another must-see bookstore.

The Bookworm has been around in some form since 1986.  But it has only been in its present location on 90th St. in the Loveland Centre for two months.  It feels like a new business and the store even smells new but the staffers and owners here know what they're doing.  They've been in business awhile and the biggest reason is very strong local support, a common characteristic of successful indies.  This store has a little bit of everything and I was impressed by how well it is organized, especially only being here for less than two months.  There is a huge separate room for the children's section and by appearances, one of the best I've seen.  Beth, the co-owner, loves the sidelines and it shows.  Lots of holiday ornaments and holiday themed items, stationery, calendars, journals, and much more than I can detail here.  You will find lots of gift ideas at this store.  There is an incredible supply of greeting cards, boxed sets and individuals.  This store is known for its cards and many customers shop here specifically for that reason.  Many of the center bookshelves are portable and can easily be moved around the store to accommodate a great space for the numerous author events.

I had a wonderful conversation with Betsy, one of the booksellers.  She has been here a long time and is one of the 30 some employees who work here.  This staff includes teachers and I think this is a plus for bookstores when they can do this.  Betsy was gracious to talk to me for quite some time, all on a weekday afternoon when business was going well and there were many customers in the store.

If you're in the Omaha/Council Bluffs area this is your "heads-up."  The Bookworm has a new location at 2501 S. 90th St. in the Loveland Centre and if you haven't been there yet, get over there NOW!  And when you go, take a friend.  You don't want to miss this 5-star indie and you have to get there before the new smell is gone!  Go to an indie and buy a book.  Bonsoir.

JUST FINISHED:  Sophia's War, Avi.  This is a young adult or middle grade book.  Outstanding story of a girl who helped the Americans win the Revolutionary War.  Historical fiction but true events and many true characters.  Loved this book.

CURRENTLY READING:  Tell No One, Harlan Coben.  This grabbed me from the start and has not let go.  Mystery/thriller.

RECENTLY PURCHASED:  The Winemaker,  Noah Gordon.  (not really purchased, so thank you Betsey!)

Great window display with posters of current releases.  

View after entering looking toward the left side of the store.  

Lots of great sidelines here.  These are at the front desk.  

This dog was not on a leash but you can bring your well-behaved dog into the store with a leash.  

More of the great sidelines that you can find all around the store.  

I found this cat in the store.  Is it real or not?  You'll have to visit to find out!

One of my favorite areas in any bookstore.  

Lots of seating areas here.  

Looking from the rear corner of the store toward the front.  

Little readers can go through this little entrance to a fantastic children's section in a room all its own in the back of the store.  
The little entrance will take you into this very large children's section. 

It's that time of year.  You need a calendar.  

Not only a lot of sidelines, but a great variety.  

Books on CD.  

A fantastic assortment of greeting cards.  

Lots of holiday themed items.  

One darn comfy chair to try out a book.  

With Betsey, one of the fine booksellers here at The Bookworm.  Thanks for a great visit!  

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