Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Skylight Books - Los Angeles, CA

Skylight Books - Los Angeles, CA

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Skylight Books on Vermont Ave. in Los Angeles is located in a neighborhood that has kind of a bohemian feel to it, Charles Bukowski like.  After all, the famous author walked this very area.  On the same block as Skylight you'll find a very retro-style movie theater, a great hole-in-the-wall burger place, and a French pastry patisserie.  The area has a good energy, an artistic vibe.  According to Steven S., the manager, there are many Hollywood creative types living in this area.  You'll also find the Skylight Annex one property away and this building houses the creative genre of books that many of these people are looking for.  Visual arts, fine arts, design, film, music, graphic novels, and more can be found in the Skylight Annex.  The empty building in between the two Skylight businesses will soon be opening as a cafĂ©.  In my opinion, this will be a positive development for the continued success of Skylight Books.  Aside from all this you have yet another great indie in Los Angeles with super people there to help you when you visit.

If you show up and this place is closed, Hollywood may be inside using it as a set for a production.  Maybe some of you will recognize it from some of the pictures below.  This one level bookstore sells only new books and also a few extras, or sidelines.  They have numerous author events in store and the book shelves in the center of the store around the tree are easy to roll.  Yes, there is a tree in the store. There are also skylights.  Skylight Books has great local support as well as some business with tourists.  Steven mentioned knowing children who came to the store and continue to come as adults..

Only a few sidelines here but some that are unique to this indie.  One of the best sellers are LA/touristy postcards.  They also offer organic seeds for planting and I'm not sure I've seen that anywhere.  Is there a cat here?  Yes, although I did not get an actual visual to confirm this.

Steven S. has been in this business awhile and is well connected in the literary and indie community here.  He has put his experience and skills to good use and it shows.  He and Christine, a staffer, were both great to talk to and very generous with their time during my visit.  Steven noted the wine drinkers make good book buyers.  Maybe you can catch an author event at Skylight and maybe it will be with a little wine.  If so drink up, it will be even easier to buy a book.  Or three or four.  If you ask me, that sounds like a great marketing strategy.  Maybe you indie owners should consider this!  But wine or not, check out this terrific indie in Los Angeles.  You won't be disappointed.  Go to an indie and buy a book.  Bonsoir.

JUST FINISHED:  The Dinner, Herman Koch.  Many people love this book, I liked it.  Two couples have dinner and confront the ugly actions of their sons.  The book isn't entirely about the dinner.  There are flashbacks.  3.5 stars. 

CURRENTLY READING:  The Book Of Unknown Americans, Cristina HenrĂ­quez.  Liking it.  

RECENTLY PURCHASED:  The Stories of Jane Gardam, Jane Gardam.   

Great window display.  

This wonderful tree made this indie one of the most difficult to get a good outside picture of the sign!

Right next door.  I got the turkey burger.  5 stars.  

Great front windows.  

This is my view when I entered.  

Lots of light and lots of books.  

This is the tree in the middle of the store.  Very cool.  

Good selections for some of the Skylight customer base.  

You can set up a meeting place.  At the tree in the middle of the store!

Always enjoy seeing the staff picks.  Steven sold me on the Jane Gardam, top shelf, far left.  

Christine & Steven.  Great store with great people.  Thanks for a wonderful visit!  

L-R, The Tree, Christine, Steven, yours truly.  

Good grief, I took more pictures of this tree than I did of the cats in the other indies!  

Buy a gardening book and then buy some organic seeds.  A perfect combination!

This is the Skylight Annex, one store front away.  

A very cool cardboard sculpture you can see in the Skylight Annex.  


  1. The cardboard art reminds me of Richard Pinney's sculptures.

  2. You are spot on with this observation, Heidi. This cardboard art is a little bit larger in real life than Richard Pinney's work I've seen, but still very similar. Thanks for following! Bob