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Watermark Book Company - Anacortes, WA

Watermark Book Company - Anacortes, WA

Thank goodness for Joan, a staffer at Village Books in Bellingham.  As I was sharing my story and journey with Joan she said I have to stop in Anacortes and see Patti at Watermark Books.  She gave the Watermark Books a glowing endorsement and was very complimentary about Patti and her work there.  What other profession or business enthusiastically shoves you to one of their competitors?  I've found this to be quite common along my journey.  Naturally, I couldn't resist.  Smart move by me.  This place is great!

Located in the historic part of downtown Anacortes in a small, old building.  Small, cozy one level and almost entirely books, all new.  A small selection of greeting cards and a small amount of miscellaneous items, but this place is books.  They have great support with the local community and when I was visiting on a Wednesday afternoon they had a steady stream of customers who were also buying.  They also offer the availability of purchasing online.  There are several shelves of staff recommendations and it looks like Patti is doing a great job with this store.  As with many others, they are also active with book readings and author visits.

 What makes this indie unique?  They hosted the America's Cup Trophy.  The actual trophy.  The trophy was in the store for viewing, as if at an altar (I see the glaze in some of your eyes.  This trophy is for sailing).

But sadly, no cat.  I told Patti, kiddingly, I was disappointed.  She beamed that they used to have two beagles until they died.  WOO HOO my first indie with dogs!  Kind of.

Patti wrote a great quote in my book that I take on my journey.  "Thanks for spreading the important words about the need for brick and mortars!  We not only have bathrooms, but we also have attitudes, advice, experience, and taste!"  I couldn't have said it better.  Well stated, Patti.  Check this place out readers, you're going to love it.  Go to an indie and buy a book.  Bonsoir.

CURRENTLY READING:  All The Light We Cannot See, Anthony Doerr.  It's great!

RECENTLY PURCHASED:  A Civil Action, Jonathan Harr.  Looks like a good thriller.

A great front window display.

View from the front of the store upon entering.  What you see is what you get.  

A great place to sit and try out a book in the front of the store.  

L-R, Chip a local customer who told me about the America's Cup, Barb a staffer, and Patti the fine owner.  

Before this was a bookstore, this building was a gathering hall of some sort.  This was the kitchen back in the day.  Now?  The kitchen theme remains.  Look in here for all books about cooking.  

Another great spot to try out a book.  

Standing on a raised level near the rear of the store looking toward the front door.  You can see Patti and Barb on the right.  

Another creative display for staff picks.  

L-R, yours truly, Patti, & Barb

Scroll back up and you can see this painting on the side of the storefront.  The Sasquatch is holding a book that is current.  This painting is altered periodically and the book she's holding changes.  Very cool.  

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